My name’s Carl Polgar.  That’s me in the picture above.  That’s also my belly.  That’s not my belt.

Half the year, this blog mainly serves as a way to document my travels around the U.S (well, not anymore – most of my travel writing now takes place at my other blog, Polgar Across America).  For the other half of the year – while I’m back home in Nashville – I generally write short essays or post links to other things that amuse me.  Pretty much all the time, I post photographs.  I’ve written a book, released a couple albums of catchy pop songs, and know my way around a kitchen, but photography is really the only thing that I can unashamedly say I do well.  However – for better or worse – that doesn’t stop me from doing all that other stuff.

Here are all the other places you can find me:

1) Photography
Most of my better pictures end up at my Flickr page – it’s a still-growing selection that’s arranged by state.  If you use Instagram, you can find me by searching for “carnibu1″.  My current photgraphic pride and joy is Motel Interiors, in which I try to bring out the beauty in the many, many less-than-beautiful places that I stay at during my travels.

2) Music
My band is called Paris Street. The main site is here. You can also find lots of my (free!) music at Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  Videos for most of my songs can be seen at the band’s YouTube channel.

3) Writing
I wrote a book called Mid-Thirties Angst: A Short Novel. You can buy it through Amazon, either as an ebook or a lovely physical copy.  It was published through Lambright Press, which – full disclosure – is co-run by me.  Another book or two are a-coming eventually.

4) Miscellaneous
I’d love for “CarlPolgar” to be my Twitter name, but it’s been taken. We’ll just stick with HoneyBrownBlues then. Lastly, if you’ve somehow gotten this far and really, truly think that we’d make awesome pals, here’s my Facebook profile – please accompany any friend request with a message, so that I know why a strange person is friending me.

I think that’s everything.

However you got here, thanks for visiting – it’s much appreciated.

Be good.  Be lovely.



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