one more visit to detroit

My last post ended with me saying that I missed Detroit. So I went back to Detroit.

And back to Corktown, where this stenciled rabbi/ZZ Top member/regular bearded hipster was found:

And back to MOCAD:

Then – finally! – a much-anticipated trip to the Detroit Institute Of Arts . . .

. . . where I got to hang around Diego Rivera’s all-encompassing mural in the coincidentally-named Rivera Court (photos of the mural are at the Honey Brown Blues Flickr page that you should have bookmarked by now):

Then other stuff happened after a couple hours in the museum, mainly involving a failed attempt to find a place to eat that wasn’t ridiculously crowded, which led to a visit to the Eastern Market . . .

. . . and concluded back in Ann Arbor, where dinner was finally, delightfully had.

More pictures can be found at my Flickr page, but you know that already.

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